Hope Academy of the Bronx

Hope Academy of the Bronx is a small urban school that helps at-risk children who are not succeeding in public or private schools earn a high school diploma. Learn More

Helping Children at Risk

Hope Academy of the Bronx is a small urban school that helps at-risk children—those who are not succeeding in public or private schools and have little hope of earning a high school diploma.

Through strategic, personalized, Christ-centered teaching and mentoring, Hope Academy of the Bronx guides students from the fifth-grade level to the successful completion of high school. A member of the StreetSchool Network™, it functions as a non-traditional, low-cost Christ-centered private school for students with behavioral and academic challenges in the heart of New York City.

A ministry of The Bronx Household of Faith, our ultimate aim is to clearly and consistently declare the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, as they are displayed in His creation and His Word; our desire is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and to see our students respond in faith to this life-changing message of hope.


The high school graduation rate for Bronx County in 2011 was approximately 60%.

The 40% who did not graduate are:

  • twice as likely to be unemployed
  • seven times as likely to be on government assistance
  • three-and-a-half times as likely to be arrested

Children are falling through the cracks of the mainstream educational system. These students need extra support in order to succeed. They need personal attention and consistent mentoring. They need transformative truth and the cognitive tools to maximize their learning.


church2Committed to a quality Christ-centered education, Hope Academy exists to challenge and equip undereducated students in The
Bronx to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength and to live for God’s glory.

We are keenly aware of the underlying and ultimate need of every person for life-transforming reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. This is a miracle we cannot effect—our role is simply to bear witness to the Gospel of Christ. But we are convinced that deep, caring, genuine relationships provide not only the most accurate witness to God’s covenantal love, but also the most effective context for this good news to be taught, discussed, and understood. This is what motivates us to pursue with excellence the mission of Hope Academy.