Lift Him Up

“When I am lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself.” John 12:32

The truth and comfort of this promise has been impressed upon us lately.  Neither victories (with their joys) nor defeats (with their sorrows) are to be our focus, but simply to faithfully exalt our Risen Lord by our lives and words.  As bondslaves, we are to do our Master’s bidding–regardless of its apparent effectiveness.  So the admonition to “not grow weary in well-doing.”  Perhaps, at times, we are too concerned about “results” and “success” in trying to “bring people to Christ” and not concerned enough about lifting Him up and then trusting Him to draw people to Himself as He promised.


originally written November, 1989

DOMA, Marriage, and the the Image of God

“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.”  (Proverbs 24:10)

The church which embraces “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) has always had to contend for it against those whose eyes are still blinded by the god of this world.  Today two of the flash points in the battle are abortion and same-sex ‘marriage.’  These are deemed ‘social issues’ which are mostly matters of ‘politics’ to the dominant voices in our American culture, thus relegating them to matters of mere opinion.  However, the unavoidable message of God’s perspective is that these are matters of fundamental importance: both of them are at the core of who He is and what He has done in creating man (more…)

The Gift of Time

The gift of time is second only to the gift of Life itself.  To have time, to use time, is a treasured privilege given to the children of the Timeless One-in-Three.  The Beginning and the End has intersected Earth’s timeline, drawn and directed by Himself alone, and so given infinite significance to each tick of man’s measurement.

“This Is The Day…” is more than a pep song; it is a profound theological statement giving worth to each moment, each life. There is time…time to love, time to serve, time to give, time to receive, time to speak, time to listen–time to do everything  our Lord has given us to do.  The Giver of time, of our time, will also give us wisdom to utilize it wisely.

originally written December, 1989

On a Different Level

When we entered the Federal Court building last Monday to hear the oral arguments in our case with the DOE, we were met with an impressive figure, presumably representing “Justice.”  Holding the scales of justice in her hand, she is blind-folded to ensure the message of the courts’ neutrality is clear for all to see.   This building, built in 2000 A.D., was the product of the expertise of a technologically advanced society and this statue is the expression of a philosophically enlightened culture.  The belief in the innate goodness of man, and his ability to be above any bias, following only the best results of science, informs this modern testament to man’s self-adulation.

I was immediately reminded of another statue of “Justice,” but from another era and another place, before the accelerating de-Christianization of our culture.  The Bronx Supreme Court building on 161st Street and the Grand Concourse stands guard over “The House that Ruth built” just a few blocks down the hill.  Its massive white limestone walls and imposing columns are impressive landmarks which have housed the halls of justice for almost 80 years.  However, the casual observer may miss a subtle but telltale feature emblematic of our cultural decline during its watch.  Between the portico and the long incline of steps, facing each other across the portal through which all visitors must pass, are two larger than life statues.  On the west is “Justice,” holding a scale balance in her hands.  She is looking straight across at a bearded figure with stone tablets under his arms: Moses.

Unlike the Enlightenment’s anthropocentric ideal of “blind justice,” this view is rooted in the biblical truth that justice must  be informed by the Law of God.  No looking within the mind or heart or experience of humanity to find a basis for equal treatment under the law: reliance must be on the revealed standard of truth which stands apart from and above man for there to be any hope of an approximation of justice.  The myth of an unbiased perspective is rejected for the manifestly obvious truth that all judgments are made from an unproven and unprovable perspective.   Pure neutrality is an illusion that only justifies bias in the name of objectivity.  God’s Word, his perspective, protects man from himself by standing over all humanity, the educated and uneducated alike, and provides a standard independent of man’s ideas and prejudices.

No Surprise Here

Listening to the oral arguments before the Second Circuit last Monday afternoon was an experience in conflicting emotions.   In the first half, the three judge panel seemed to criticize the DOE’s arguments at every level, eliciting a heart-felt delight that they seemed to be getting it right.  However, the second half erased all jubilation and produced a sense of dread as two of the judges leveled their front-loaded verbal cannons at Jordan Lorence, our counsel from ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom).

Judge Calabresi, in particular, seemed determined to filibuster the time allotted to Jordan by his constant interruption of his attempted answers.  The judge would finish his question-statement, and before Jordan could complete a sentence he would interject another statement-question.  This tactic consumed more than half of Jordan’s time and seemed designed to prevent Jordan’s erudition and persuasive, rational arguments from influencing Judge Leval, the swing vote on the panel of three.   Judge Walker again displayed a reasoned, even-handed approach to the issue and gave Jordan some respite from Judge Calabresi’s barrage.

The consensus from the three ADF lawyers present was that the decision is probably going to go against BHOF.  We were disappointed but not surprised.  There is more going on than just the professed fear that Christianity would somehow be perceived as the favored religion if allowed to continue worshiping in schools.

Underneath all the arguments, there is a real fear that fuels this effort, although probably not identified by our detractors: fear of the real God.  The heart of man has a memory of the God Adam knew; it’s stamped into the DNA of our humanity, a faint trace of what our first ancestor experienced in the presence of his Creator.  If this fear is to remain dormant, every effort must be made to silence those who have faced that fear and now promote His worship.