In April 1971, six young people jumped into a small car and drove down to Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Their destination was the Wayword, a Christian coffee house which they had read about in Time magazine, where they hoped to find Christians with similar cultural backgrounds and concerns.

It was through the Wayword that they were introduced to the group of believers who met there on Sundays. They began to worship with them regularly. The group continued to meet at the coffee house until February, 1972, at which time the lease on the property expired and other quarters had to be found.

Because about half the group was from The Bronx or Upper Manhattan, they decided to meet for Sunday worship in an apartment at 190 West 168th Street in The Bronx and to continue the Bible study and prayer time in the Village on Thursday evenings.

In April, 1972, the Bronxites began praying for other apartments in the area and when that seemed unlikely, they began to pray for a house. After a long wearisome wait, the Bronxite apartment dwellers became Bronxite house dwellers on January 31, 1973.

The church met in the dining room of founding pastor and his wife, Jack and Pat Roberts from 1973 to 1984. In 1984, it moved down the street to Hope Christian Center. Since August, 2002, thanks to a favorable ruling in an eight year court battle which enabled BHOF to rent a public school auditorium for worship, it met in P.S. 15/291 until 2012, at which point it began meeting in it’s own completed building, built on an empty lot at 2206 Andrews Ave., purchased in 1994.

Over the years it has sought to reach out to its surrounding neighborhood in various ways: street evangelism, after school clubs for children and youth, working with refugees (early 1980’s), and responding to emergency needs as they are encountered in our life together in this community.

The Bronx Household of Faith sees the two-fold command of Jesus to make disciples, and teaching them to observe all things, as one of the core values of its ministry.