The Bronx Household of Faith is an urban church whose primary purpose is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community and to whomever else crosses our path.  That Gospel is far more than the necessary entrance into life in Christ through new birth: it involves the whole person living out its implications.

From its beginnings in 1971, BHOF has understood that no individual is able to do that alone: the body of Christ is commissioned to demonstrate that life and make disciples of whomever the Lord joins to us.  The church has met in four different locations on the same block for more than forty years, making every effort to impact our neighbors in word and deed.  After beginning to pray for a permanent location in 1978, and breaking ground in 2004, we began meeting in our own building Easter 2014.

Regardless of our ethnicity, the Gospel transcends racial/cultural barriers and empowers the church to celebrate the variegated expressions of our common humanity, now bound together in one body in Christ.  BHOF reflects the ethnic diversity of our community, but we want it also to include believers from recent immigrant communities.

Because of the temporary nature of many of the apartment dwellers here (a 3-5 year turnover for a large percentage of the residents), there are always new faces and opportunities for the church.  The presence of our church families in our neighborhood both impresses and attracts those whose lives have known only family breakdown and alienation.  Our new building on Andrews Avenue has afforded us the opportunity to begin a long-dreamed of school, Hope Academy of The Bronx, for struggling neighborhood children and to enhance the after-school and evening outreaches

Our commission has not yet been fulfilled – there are still those who have evaded our outreaches, after school clubs, ESL classes, Hope Academy and efforts at friendship.  But we are not waning in desire: there is a younger generation, some of whom have lived nowhere but here, who are catching the vision to see the transforming power of the Gospel ravage the prisons of evil and set the captives free.

Although we look much different (and older) than our beginning in an apartment in the Highbridge section of the Bronx in 1971, BHOF’s core values and goal remain the same: exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by demonstrating in community the power of the Gospel.