January 9, 2021

Life in This Present Age (Saturday Seminar)

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This seminar was given at the Bronx Household of Faith on Saturday, January 9th.

The audio has been edited to remove videos that had no dialogue from the recording. You can use the links in the outline below to watch the associated videos at the relevant points in the seminar. Videos with dialogue have been left in the recording, though you will likely want to watch them for full effect. The approximate times of the seminar’s main sections and the duration of the videos in the audio are marked below in parentheses.

Part 1: What Is Life?
First video (~5:20-6:50): Origins of the Universe 101 | National Geographic (watch until 1:08)

Part 2: Why Is Human Life Sacred? (23:30)

Part 3: How and When Does Human Life Begin? (34:15)
Second video (~34:56-35:21): Miracle of Life

Part 4: Does a Woman Have a Right to Choose? (1:00:04)
Third video (~1:00:10-1:03:50): Pro Choice Versus Pro Life | Abortion explained with statistics.Where do you stand?

Part 5: Stem Cell Research (1:36:42)
Fourth video: (~1:38:14-1:41:27): Human Cloning

Part 6: Euthanasia and Suicide (1:52:12)
Fifth video (~1:52:27-1:59:14): Assisted Suicide Is Compassionate (What Would You Say?)

Part 7: Capital Punishment (2:21:30)
Sixth video (~2:22:12-2:22:28): Capital Punishment Around the World