Hope Academy of the Bronx

Hope Academy of The Bronx is a small urban school that provides children who have struggled in other academic settings a quality Christ-centered education, through godly mentors and personalized instruction.

Our aim is to glorify God and the gospel of Christ, nurturing our students’ God-given potential and guiding them through the attainment of a high school diploma into wise and rewarding adult trajectories. Learn More


For students in grades 6 – 12


Thoroughly Christ-centered education


Devoted staff


Low student/staff ratio


Equipping students to use their soul, mind, & strength for God's glory

 Personal. Affordable.

Quality. Education.



Through strategic, personalized, Christ-centered teaching and mentoring, we guide students from the sixth-grade level to the successful completion of high school.


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Our Mission

Committed to providing a quality Christ-centered education, Hope Academy exists to challenge and equip undereducated students in The Bronx to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength and to live for God’s glory.

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A Ministry of

The Bronx Household of Faith

Hope Academy is a ministry of The Bronx Household of Faith (BHOF), an urban church in the Reformed tradition and a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC). Since 1972, the members of BHOF have been witnessing to the gospel of Christ through word and deed in the neighborhood of University Heights.

Our ultimate aim at Hope Academy is to clearly and consistently declare the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, as they are displayed in His creation and His Word; our deepest desire is to proclaim the gospel of Christ and to see our students respond in faith to this life-changing message of hope.