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Hope Academy of the Bronx is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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Hope Academy of the Bronx

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Why Your Partnership Matters

A Hope Academy education costs an average of 15x what our students can afford. Please partner with us to provide the $25,000 per student that can make this education possible for every single one of our scholars this year.

We believe it pleases God to see Hope Academy students thriving and learning. We need more people who are as committed to these students as we are.

Will you help us keep Hope Academy’s students where they belong? Every dollar helps us reach our goal: providing 90% of the cost of our students’ education so they can attend Hope Academy at a cost their families can afford.

Where Does My Gift Go?

All donations given on this page will go to our general fund for providing need-based financial aid. While funds cannot be designated to particular scholars due to tax regulations, your gift will go toward making this quality, Christ-centered learning experience accessible to students who need it.

Our operating budget for the ’22-’23 school year is $547,000, which provides salaries for 8 full-time staff members, covers operating, development, and student opportunity costs. We are currently investing in 22 scholars on a daily basis.

Why Don't Scholars Pay Their Own Way?

Our scholars’ families pay tuition on a need-based sliding scale, dependent on each family’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and the number of dependents in that family. They pay what they can, but the majority of families in Hope Academy’s neighborhood live below the poverty line. Without your help, most scholars simply can’t afford access to the kind of one-on-one attention we’re able to provide at Hope Academy of The Bronx. We rely on your generous one-time and on-going support to keep our doors open to students in need.


Level 4 Scholar (8th Grade)

“They actually care about us. They love us. They actually care about what we do after school…what happens in our family.”

Hope Academy of The Bronx
2206 Andrews Ave Bronx NY 10453
(347) 762-2463


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